The Original Wilmslow Conservative Club

Above is the original Wilmslow Conservative Club, located at the other end of Grove Avenue where it joins Grove Street.

The picture is actually from a postcard from the photograph archives in the Wilmslow Library, and reproduced here by kind permission of the library.

However, most intriguingly there are a number of hand written notes on the back of the postcard.

One mentions the fact this photograph was taken to celebrate the Coronation of King George V, which confirms the date as 1911.

Another note provides a name, a Mark Woods, who seems to be associated with the image in same way. Possibly the original photographer, or maybe the person who donated the postcard to the library.

Finally there are three additional names written on the back of the postcard. As there are three people stood outside the Club, it is possible these names relate to these individuals.

The three hand written names are as follows.

  1. R. J. Jaffrey
  2. T. Littler
  3. J. E. Entwistle

Are these some of the founding members of the club? Do any of today’s members recognise the above names?

If so, is it possible to determine who is who in the photograph?

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